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Blerter is an app that we have introduced for team managers. Blerter gives us the tools we need to create a safer, more flexible environment for all.


It is a handy way for all team managers to stay in touch with event management directly. It also helps us to centralize operations by allowing us to coordinate safety processes and broadcast important messages and updates throughout the weekend.


All team manager's must download the app on their phone so that they can receive important messages in the lead-up and at the festival. Team managers will receive login details leading up to the festival.  At the team managers meeting, our friendly staff will show the managers through the app. So no need to worry about jumping into the deep end with it! 


- All team communication is to come through team managers only during the event.  

- Team managers can submit their feedback/issue via Blerter, or to our friendly operations staff in the Event HQ.

** Please Note: All protests or complaints must be submitted in writing.