Global Games brings junior communities and cultures together and creates a level of understanding through sport, events and travel.

With junior players between the age of 7 to 14 years of age we are fiercely dedicated to promoting strong ethos and enuring enjoyment and experience are the key drivers

There is a focus on whānau ( family ) who play a big part in supporting their children being involved with Global Games. Any events we hold see large numbers of supporters attend creating a real festival atmosphere with great social opportunities for young and old.




A positive experience for all children attending our events is our primary objective and we always put their interests ahead of our own. 


At our events there is a framework in place that ensures that regardless of skill level, team enjoyment is secured and experiences maximized throughout. Every team will play throughout the whole weekend being matched against teams of equal ability.




Sportsmanship is at the heart of our festivals. Prior to each Global Games event teams attending are buddied up with another team from out of their region and put in touch before the big weekend. They are encouraged to meet up over the festival and support each other when they are not playing.

Other initiatives are a world class points system in place for good and bad sportsmanship. This has helped see a huge reduction in sideline tension and created a more vibrant atmosphere at our events. Teams will often stay in touch and will meet up again long after the last pass has been made.


We empower young people in a unified and inspiring way regardless of their sporting abilities or backgrounds. There are numerous stories from clubs attending the Global Games on the positive impact the experience has on their young people and the level of development they take away from travelling out from their home regions many for the first time. Getting the chance to interact with other cultures


Global Games uses practical tools and methodology based on the three dimensions of sustainable development: social, environmental and economic.


We understand and care that the “great time we have had today” can leave an aftermath of problems for tomorrow.

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"if you can dream it,

You can live it."

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