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"The purpose of the New Zealand Junior Rugby Festival is to give all junior rugby players the opportunity to participate against clubs from around the country and the world, on a foundation of sportsmanship, enjoyment and friendship; all the while creating lifelong memories with their mates on tour."

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A rugby tour with mates to amazing locations, meeting and playing teams from around the country and the world is without question one of the greatest experiences a young player can have. Players are creating lifelong memories that will last just that, a lifetime.

The NZJRF is held annually at the end of the rugby season in Taupō and Queenstown, attracting junior rugby clubs from right across the country and the world over. The event has hosted teams from right across the globe, including Japan, USA, South Africa, Australia and France.

The Festivals are not only some of the best junior rugby events in New Zealand, but the world, so say the hundreds of teams that have entered from here and overseas.  The NZJRF sets the benchmark for enjoyment and experience, and we take our responsibility of safe guarding what it means to young players who enter very seriously, as without doubt it’s a childhood highlight to be involved.

The core ethos of the NZJRF is to give all junior players a positive experience playing rugby union, in a safe and supportive environment regardless of skill level, which club they represent or where they come from, at an event which is built on a foundation of sportsmanship.

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Over the past 11 years, we have given over 30,000 junior rugby players incredible experiences to last a lifetime, travelling out of their home region and even countries many of whom for the first time.  To attend sporting festivals and academies in venues and stadiums normally reserved for their sporting heroes in amazing locations.

Our team prides itself on proving world-class experiences for all young people and making the impossible seem possible.

We believe: If you can dream it, you can Live it!

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