Global Games understands that sports is not only about playing, but also about the connections and friendships that are formed through competition.

One of the great successes of our events has been the ‘Buddy Team’ system, which pairs each team with a buddy team from a different region or country. We facilitate communication between the teams prior to the event, encouraging them to meet up and support each other throughout the weekend. Many buddy teams share meals/BBQ’s, and we have heard countless stories of long-lasting friendships being formed as a result of these connections.

To further promote, we have implemented several initiatives to encourage personal connections between young people from different teams and regions. One of our most successful traditions is the exchange of small gifts or mementos between teams after each match, encouraging players to meet and bond beyond the game. In the past, these gifts have included caps, pins, t-shirts, playing jerseys, plaques, or items that represent their home

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – just a small token that the kids can take back to their club or school as a reminder of the connections and memories they made during the Global Games. We believe that fostering these personal connections is just as important as the competition itself, and we are committed to making this a memorable and meaningful experience for all young participants.